Insha'Allah N!&&#R

 by Zakir Flo


always use  ‘if Allah wills’

like a gun with a hair trigger

why you always say his name

insha'Allah N!&&#R ..,


for blessings or shifting the blame?

when your weak a$$ little to no

effort comes up lame



'naseeha'   in deen is advice,  so my advice

don't use the lord's name in vain!

keeping it simple, making it plain

 you been saying and not doing the same

for years

 is the the bar your supposed to raise still


or ten,twenty,thirty,forty years passed and

it's still  laying on the ground?

 not hard to figure why it was never set high

 you keep saying insha'Allah and then didn't

even try!

 brother,sister times ticking you think you're not

gonna die

 and get raised up,

questioned why? 

 and you will fess up not lie

 what you gonna do,say " give me one more day,

ya Allah and i promise it won't be the same

 i'll make effort when i invoke your holy name

i promise ya Allah..,

 the days of saying it in vain stopped "?

 but the problem is your time will be up

 end game,you been played!

 naseeha: pray it don't end that way,



Shareef Abdur-Rasheed,

AKA Zakir Flo,

Copyright©March 24,2016

All Rights Reserved