Rasheed Ali  

                                                                                                                Rasheed Ali  

written by mahmoud andrade ibrahim   (2015)

The music, lyrics, vocals and video artistry of  Rasheed Ali is presented below. Rasheed and I grew up together, lived in the same building and  formed a group of about 4-5 kids when we  were in our early teens, calling ourselves the 'Black Warriors'. We formed this club in 1965 in a New York City  Housing Project, the Amsterdam Houses.  Rasheed's artistic offering  is devoted to the 'trying times of 1968',  the year we both took our shahadah.   Entitled: 1968 SOUL POWER  

The entire project is being offered on iTunes: 1968 Soul Power  featuring Rasheed Ali

Travel with Rasheed Ali  through the year 1968.  Here featuring Muhammad Ali

Interview : http://soulandjazzandfunk.com/interviews/3446-the-power-of-soul-according-to-rasheed-ali.html

Also:  Rasheed Ali remembers the gentle genius of writer (CLICK HERE)  GEORGE CAIN

Some interesting facts about 1968: 

 Cost of new house $14,950.00

 Average Income per year   $7,850.00

Average Monthly Rent    $130.00

 Gas per Gallon   0.34 cents

Average Cost of a new car $2,822.00 

...although the newly introduced VOLKSWAGEN was only $1,900.00

Movie Ticket   $1.50 

The Federal Hourly Minimum Wage is  $1.60 an hour