Our Collective Vision is to see healthy BlackAmerican Muslim  families who are clear about the worship of Allah alone, clear about the Prophethood of Muhammad (pboh) and committed to the realization of a ‘full dignified life in America.’

 A ‘full dignified life in America’  means a life that is treated equally under the law, with equal access to quality education, both secular and religious for men and women,  decent housing, full employment opportunities for all people and a society free of white supremacy and other totalitarian inclinations. In other words, a truly pluralistic society that protects  freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom from fear and freedom from want.

It is our position that Education is the key that unlocks the mysteries of societal organization *. Competency in the professions of law, finance, business administration, technology and medicine will enable us to begin to cast off the chains of oppression in its many forms and forge a future based on the guidance of Allah in light of contemporary scientific knowledge.

It has been said by Black Liberationist and activist, Frederick Douglass, "We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and the future."  In keeping with that thought,  BlackAmerican Muslims will continue to engage the world as we find it, not as it was in the 7th or the 12th centuries, secure in our understanding of the myriad factors that make up the unique BlackAmerican Muslim identity, an identity that was born in captivity, nurtured in Slavery, matured under Jim Crow and come of age in the Post Civil-Rights era.  


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