Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

     Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick ,              

    Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick,              

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick received both his BA and was the first American to receive a 'Certificate of Ijazah' from the Univ. of Medina and his Masters and Ph.D from the Univ. of Toronto, he is a historian and an author of several books, most notably on the   life of  Sh. Uthman Dan Fodio.

Some excerpts from his December and January (2016-2017)  Facebook pages:

Regarding the Black Lives Matter movement he states his position: ... ". I want to make it clear that my strong statements were made as a result of my 'life experience'. As an African American with a Native Grandparent, I was a child of the "Sixties" in the USA and watched my friends get killed, jailed and exiled in the struggle for liberation. I suffered personally from Racism and White Privilege so for me there is no compromise with these evils."

Regarding Leadership: 

"Muslim leaders in the Americas who do not recognize the systematic subjugation and continued suppression of Black people in the West and do not speak clearly against the organized racism that is raising its head today should step down and keep their mouths shut!!!

 They do not represent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in their cowardice and should stop blaming Black People and Native People for their weak family structure or drug addiction.   Stop victimizing the victims.

Is their no blood in our veins or is it cold water? Are Muslims attending conferences to be entertained or to seek guidance? 

May Allah raise up courageous leadership from our people and protect us from hypocrisy !!! "