'Hatred has already appeared from their mouths and what their breasts conceal is far worse.'

Qur'an  Sura al Imran 3:118


“White supremacist ideology is based first and foremost on the degradation of black bodies..."

Cornell West

The following is a letter sent by a Black Lawyer expressing the indignity at such advertising campaigns, this lawyer would later become a member on the U.S, Supreme Court. 

April 5, 1939

Dear Gentlemen:

A member of our Association has sent to us a package which had contained peppermint candy prepared by your company. The trade name on this package is “Whitman’s Pickaninny Peppermints—Chocolate Covered.”

On behalf of the members of this Association, we protest the use of the term “pickaninny” as applied to young Negro children whose pictures appear on your package. This term is extremely distasteful to Negroes.

We are calling this matter to your attention in the hope that you will discontinue the use of this term on packages of candy manufactured and distributed by you. We have not taken this matter up with our branches as yet, pending a reply from you. We will therefore appreciate an early reply.

Very truly yours,

Thurgood Marshall