Mahmoud Andrade Ibrahim

Mahmoud Andrade Ibrahim


As a Man Thinketh.....

Have you heard the story about the boy and his dog?

A little boy tied his dog to a pole , but he didn’t tie it well, and while he was playing with his friends the rope came loose and fell.

Now the dog really wanted to play, but he howled and he cried and stayed right there in that very spot, because he thought he was tied.

Chained Dog2.jpg

And when the boy returned and saw his dog’s rope was loose and all, he patted his pet on the head and said, “You’re a good dog !”

But the boy, being the master, had fun and was satisfied---- and the dog could have too,  but he thought he was tied.

Now as I look at the masters and the servants among men, I see the same story happening over and over, time and again.  Some people are using their minds, they’re building and being satisfied.

Others----- well, they’re  confused and crying, because they think they’re tied .     

                                                                                                                                       (blackfolk wisdom)