Hajj Shareef Abdur Rasheed  / a.k.a.   Zakir Flo

                                            Hajj Shareef Abdur Rasheed  / a.k.a.   Zakir Flo


                            Shareef Abdur-Rasheed


                             Born: BKLYN,NY (WW 2 Baby)

                             Resided:BKLYN,NY,Jersey City,NJ,LI,NY,Tampa Bay Area,FL.

                         Education: BKLYN COLLEGE,Suffolk County Com.College

                         Makkah,Saudi Arabia

                         Military Service:Viet Nam Era Vet

                         Reverted: Islam in Military July 22,1969 (Ft Dix,NJ,Stockade)

                         with the Dar'ul Islam Movement Nov/10 Ramadan 1969 in

                         BKLYN,NY(240 Sumpter St.) after meeting the "Dar" brothers

                          Active: Muslim Communities BKLYN & LI,NY,Civil Rights,

                         Participated,Sit ins "60's" Free Mandella,Bensonhearst

                         BKLYN (Yusef Hawkins Murder), Central Park case,Adam

                         Abdul-Hakim case, Rasheed Family Case with Rev. Sharpton

                         Poetry: Since "60's" but inconsistant untill approx:three and a half years

                         ago, Did some spoken word in College with Jazz group. Knew Sulaiman

                         El Hadi and Jalal Mansor Nurraddin from original"Last Poets" we were in

                         the Muslim Community in BKLYN,NY From 1969 to mid "70's"

                         Play: Percussion,Congas,Timbales,Afro Cubano Latin Jazz & Salsa

                         First poem to be in print was 1995 "Make it Tight" Sulaiman El hadi in

                         Rememberence.Feature: Conscious/conscience Poetry "Socio/political/

                         Spiritual.AKA: "Zakir Flo" Zakir is Arabic for "To remind" Never silent,

                         Always Dropin Science,signs of the time in rhyme"

                    ***Patriarch of Abdur-Rasheed family 9 children 6 sons,3 daughters

                         42 Grandchildren     24 boys,18 girls

                         Imam,LI,NY 1992 to 2005.

Current  Workshops :

                         "How to make Hajj and Umrah"



Shareef Abdur-Rasheed

 AKA Zakir Flo,


All Rights Reserved


Amanda Madiba!

  some are called for certain


 blessed with what stands out

 from the rest!


 tasks heaped on

that few men think on,

speak on,

 much less act upon

 Madiba,Madiba Rolihlahla Mandela

 Rolihlahla,Xhosa, for "TroubleMaker"

 Xhosa son born from Royal line

 chosen one!

lead takers time!

 Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!

 (Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!)

  was the cry!

 Let my people go!

 we won't take it no more

 Apartheid must die

 even if we as well

 better then existing

 in this hell!


 to try and die is worth the


 think of the story

 they will tell!

  Madiba was the one upon

whom the task fell!

 and soon was heard the

freedom bell!

  Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!

  amazing cry burning in the

 belly of the beast

 raised to a boil

heard round the world


  Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!

  amazing cry,

as worlds leaders

knew and stood by

 watched many,many die

 as we learn,

 more concerned about

 the gold they buy!

 willing to be in bed with

 living a lie was nothing new

this is what they do

 what their used to!

 soweto,the mines,Joburg,

 have you heard

young lions

 wanted to live but prepared

 for dying!

 rather then exist

 to make apatheid cease and

 desist was worth trying!

 overcome fear!

  and Madiba, Rolihlahla was put

 away for 27 years!

  untill the day was to be when

 Madiba walked free into the arms

 of Winnie and a sea of humanity!

  quite a journey for a man who was

 picked to pick up the relay stick

 and run,carry a nation into the sun

 almost 95 years from the day he

 appeared and yet even today

 no matter what they say

 apartheid is still not done!

 reflect on the ripple effect

 the work of Rolihlahla,

 the "TroubleMaker"

 has just begun!

  says da beat of the African Drum!

  Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!

  (Dedicated to Nelson Mandela,the Winnie's and Steven Biko's 

 and the many whose names we don't know)


Kulu Nas,Ya Bani Adam (pboh)

(All Mankind,Oh Children of Adam, peace be upon him) 

by Shareef Abdur-Rasheed,     April 07 2012

  Oh Children of Adam (pboh) little or no surprise

 you have been the subject of blatant lies

 and upon reflection one can sumize this is

 designed to divide, weakin’ and compromise

 it's time to act and extract the lie to discern and

 learn the facts how Mankind is really comprised

 not of races but instead "Nations and Tribes"

 it has been accepted we're all apart of the

 human race or Mankind that we all agree

 so why then is it hard to see to say a race is

 comprised of races is redundant, a fallacy

 to make us understand that's like saying

 the make up of a hand is a hand! The definition

 of meticulous is "meticulous" wouldn't that be

 ridiculous? i'm just saying the concept or mind set

 of races make us see each other as "Alien" or

 other never to really accept that we are all brothers

 that sets the table to render mankind unable to be

 truly ambitious to achieve unity because we're

 really suspicious of one another and see our fellow

 man as other not our brother , to brainwashed to

 over-stand, and that my friend has been and is the "Plan"!!

 "Oh Mankind! We have created you from a male and a female

 and made you into "Nations and Tribes "that you may know one

 another (not depise each other) Verily the most honorable

 of you with Allah is the one who has "Taqwa" (who fears Allah)

 He is the one who is "Pious" Verily Allah is the "All Knowing!

 The All Aware!! Qu'ran:49,13 


da apple..,(revised)

 by Shareef Abdur Rasheed

 was watsup in the world

of bebop

back when there was a 

jazz reinisance

it was J.A.Z.Z in N.Y.C

city that never sleeps

nocternal like Jazz musicians

giggin through the night

at Birdland, Mintons,

Five Spot,Vanguard,Sluggs,

Basin Street East, the Gate

and don't forget Bed Sty

Brooklyn "Blue Coronet"

NYC had all the greats!

and it wasn't odd to find them

uptown in Harlem Jammin till

the break of dawn with the bass,

traps, alto ,tenor horns like

Miles axe,Monk doing stuff that

was unheard of with those keys

bird was heard bustin riffs

dizzy had "salty peanuts"

and that crazy "Bent Horn"!

hawkins on a roll with body "n'

soul,max and art stick work

show you how it's done with


to many to name but it would

be ashame not to mention "Trane"

all night till sunlights burst

put a hold on the rehearse

till the next day picking it

up from the last verse or

taking it from the top!

a time when it was hard bop


jazz was new york,new york was

jazz it's as simple as that!

that was back in da day when

there was plenty spots to hear

the best that ever was, play!

but sadly to say'That was Yesterday"

and most of all dem catz have

went away but believe it or not

that 'Sound" stays

in minds and hearts

where there will always be "Art"!

New Orleans had it's Brand like

"Dixieland" but no city had Bebop

non-stop like back when da 

apple was the spot to play

hard bop,"Straight no Chaser"

all day!



by Shareef Abdur Rahseed

to give praise on sundays
as the sunrays penetrate
through the stained glass
slashing the pews
as the parishioners pray in
full view
emersed in a curious world
exclusive of those who don't
look,talk and act like you!
a little bubble designed to
keep out trouble
but steeped in sin their lives
kith "n' kin,husbands,wives
insolated from folk deemed
hated,isolated away from
people of color,that other
from whom they remain 
taught bout dem "n" those
folk ain't da same as our

and they grow up confined to
this mental yoke
closed mind,blind eyez
the whole wide world has been
shrunk down to a little corner
called white folks town,and
we don't want ya'll hanging round

and dem grow up!

and become your cops,judges,
prison jailers and jurors given the
job to sit judgement on those same
folk who their forefathers spoke
with all the distain they invoked,
all the hatefull jokes,things they
say,day after day..,
poised to hand down a verdict
to put your brown "n" black ass away
or just shot you down acting as judge "n"
jury in yours "n" my town without a worry
bout any sentence handed down!

and who da F%^# cares
that da system calls dem
a jury of your peers!
that without blinking will
put you away for years
or let a killer walk who walked
to stalk and kill a innocent 17 year
old boy at will,enjoying the laws that
gave him the privilege to do
it to mine "n' yours!
like it's a game,playing with
toys that got souls,names
wives! but never does it connect
in their feeble mind speck
that the same folk of whom their
peeps spoke are humanbeings
who deserve the same things
beginning with..,


Shareef Abdur-Rasheed,
AKA Zakir Flo,
All Rights Reserved