17 Traits of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pboh)

It has been reported that our Beloved Teacher and Guide (pboh) was asked by Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) about his personal habits, his sunnah, and Prophet Muhammad (pboh) said :

Knowledge of Allah is my Capital
Reason is the root of my Faith
Love is my Foundation
Enthusiasm is my Horse
Remembrance of Allah is my Friend
Firmness is my Treasure
Sorrow is my Companion
Science is my Weapon
Patience is my Mantle
Contentment is my Booty
Poverty is my Pride
Devotion is my Art
Conviction is my Power
Truth is my Redeemer
Obedience is my Sufficiency
Struggle is my Manner, and
My pleasure is my Prayer

As Shifa     (Ash-Shifa Qadi Iyad)     12th Century Sira of Prophet Muhammad (pboh)